Magic Mushroom Trifecta Combo Pack


We have for our new Magic Mushroom Trifecta Combo Pack here and you can save some money by getting it! You can try psilocybin magic mushrooms in 3 different ways and they are all awesome. It will definitely get you on your way to your journey! In this combo pack you will receive over 11 grams of mushrooms for the low price of $120!!! That’s a savings of of over $40 if you buy each product seperately!


  • 3.5 Gram Teabag
  • 1 Pack of Psilly Gummies
  • 4 Gram Shroomz Chocolate Bar (any flavor of your choice)

You can check out details of these products individually by clicking on the products here

Teabags , Psilly Magic Mushroom Gummies , Shroomz Chocolate Bars